Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Paris, 1967. Fun-loving Adda, an attractive and confident woman, has a comfortable life at 17 Rue Bleue thanks to a successful, but married, man. He lovingly sets up a new home, providing for her and her two young sons, one of which is his own. Upon his sudden death, the proud Adda forges his unfinished will in the hopes of protecting the promised future she feels should be
rightfully hers… Several years later, adolescent Chad painfully watches his humiliated mother’s continuing battle for the inheritance. Despite the fatherless family’s moments of tenderness and happiness, Adda’s path of disappointment results in the neglect of her sons. When financial difficulty force Adda to send away younger son Samir, Chad is left alone to deal with his mother’s failing physical and mental health.

17 RUE BLEUE still 5