Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Carl, together with his posh friends, intends to buy Belhorizon, a luxurious hotel with the idea of turning it into an upmarket hunting lodge. The “hotel” however, turns out to be a rather kitsch, run-down boarding house run by an immigrant Spanish couple and their solitary, young daughter Esmé who is desperate to get away. At first Carl is extremely irritated and embarrased by the place, but he decides to let go… He hasn’t been himself since the recent decline of his father’s fortune. Carl and Esmé, worlds apart, are magnetically drawn to each other. Then Simon, Carl’s associate arrives with a bunch of fancy friends and trouble begins… A wink to The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, a dark comedy about the confrontation of the social classes.

Belhorizon 1 Belhorizon 2