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Jia Zang-ke is one of the leading modern Asian directors at the forefront of reflecting the thoughts, attitudes, hopes and dreams of today’s youth in modern China.

As the country goes through revolutionary growth in the face of enormous changes and as the People’s Republic opens up to the West, Jia Zang-ke sifts through these changes as they shape his characters’ expectations while they battle through the trails and tribulations of growing up. Friendship, boredom, money, music, sex and ultimately love are the primary concerns for Jia Zang-ke’s beautiful and listless protagonists. A winner of the prestigious Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival Jia Zhang-ke has largely produced gritty, realistic and ultimately honest films outside the state system, focusing on contemporary settings and lifestyles, touching on controversial topics without distortion. For this reason he has occasionally come across problems of censorship in his home country. This collection is an important document of a changing world.


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