Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Ottar Thor is the champion player of the Icelandic football team KR (Reykjavik FC). A popular player, he causes a scandal when he admits to being gay. He soon finds himself on the bench for most of his matches and decides to call it quits with KR. He joins a small amateur team mainly made up of gay men trying to play soccer in a straight world. The director of KR, who happens to be Ottar’s dad, tries everything in his power to persuade Ottar to come back and play for his team, but the catch is that he needs to get himself back into the closet before playing pro football again. Ottar also has a son, a teenager that is not coping too well with the attention his dad is getting. Ottar finally gives into his father and returns to KR on the condition that KR plays one match against the gay team. His father accepts his conditions, not realising that the match will take place on Gay Pride Day.