Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Raya Green is 17 years old, smart and full of promise. While her family lives in a disenfranchised community that is burdened with crime, she attends a prestigious private school. Raya’s world is turned upside down when her sister Pam, once a promising dancer, is found dead, having succumbed to drug addiction. The Greens are no longer able to pay Raya’s tuition, and she is forced to return to the neighbourhood she so desperately wants to escape. On her return, Raya discovers that underground dance comps are still the hottest thing going. She smells opportunity – to win money, to get out of the neighbourhood, to help her family, to go back to her school. But Raya also discovers that dance is a mirror for life, and that real success only comes to those brave enough to tackle it on their own terms.

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