Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


A muscular but humorous gangster thriller set in an exotic Colombian city with voodoo magic and pulsating Latin rhythms.

El Orejon is a violent and agoraphobic crime boss who lives surrounded by telescopes in a luxury high-rise apartment in the center of Cali, Colombia. When his godson is killed he asks a voodoo priestess to avenge the murder by casting a deadly spell on the shooter; Eusebio. Miles away Victor is hired by the boss to carry out a job to collect money from a slippery pair of twins. He makes a disastrous decision to break the sacred law of the crime world and keeps the cash for himself. Victor and Eusebio meet for the first time at a downtown hotel room which they share and where they
wait for phone instructions. Not knowing what to expect…

Colombian distributor: Cine Colombia