Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Aggressively sexual and emotionally withdrawn Erica lives rent-free in the local co-op and spends her nights cruising the bars and beds of Austin looking for casual sex… until she meets the older and mysterious Nate. Despite his quiet air of danger and “honorable discharge” from Iraq, Nate’s the only man who doesn’t try sleeping with her, and the two form a hesitant bond.
But Erica’s past is about to come looking for her. Franki is a young, hot-headed, wannabe rock star. Struggling to balance his dreams while caring for his sick mother and estranged girlfriend, Franki “shares” Erica with his bandmates one drunken night. It only takes one shocking twist of fate to throw his already crazy world into a tailspin, and in Franki’s eyes there is only one person to blame…

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