Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Stella, seventeen years old, blond and beautiful, lives with her mother, Antoinette, on the French Riviera. One is a dancer in a nightclub, the other a maid in a luxury hotel. One works nights, the other days, even so, their bond is tight. They are both spectators in a world of money and easy pleasures, a world they always see, but which always escapes them. Romansky arrives on the
scene, a real estate agent on an assignment in the south of France. After an impromptu meeting with Antoinette in the hotel, he falls for her daughter in the nightclub where he goes to kill time. An improbable liaison takes place but Stella is too bold and beautiful for this sad and lonely man. He won’t let her go, which can only lead to heartbreak… and violence.

RIVIERA still 2