Celluloid Dreams The Directors Label


Takeru is a successful photographer living the good life in Tokyo. He reluctantly sets off to visit his hometown on the first anniversary of his mother’s death. Stopping in to see his older brother, Minoru who has taken over the family gas station, he runs into a childhood friend, Chieko, now one of Minoru’s employees. The three decide to take a drive to the ravine – a local beauty spot. Walking ahead on his own, Takeru crosses a bridge suspended high above the gorge to search for potential photos. Minoru and Chieko follow moments later but, as they cross, Chieko tumbles off the unsteady bridge into the ravine below. Following Chieko’s funeral, Minoru is arrested. With only one witness, Minoru’s defence hangs on his brother’s testimony. As the trial progresses, it uncovers the gulf of jealousy and resentment that exists between the brothers and Takeru becomes unsure of what he actually saw that day.

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