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Not since Dumb and Dumber has there been an odd couple as riotously funny and out of control as Terry and Dean in FUBAR: GODS OF BLUNDER. The film, which premiered in the coveted opening night Midnight Madness slot at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, has been lauded as “hysterical” and “crass,” and packs “one great scene of utter chaos after another.”

Dean (David Lawrence) and Terry (Paul Spence) are unemployed deadbeats who spend their days and nights partying and wasting away. But when their old buddy Tron (Andrew Sparacino) hooks them up with jobs, the boys decide to trade in their wild days in exchange for a steady paycheck. They soon find out that money doesn’t equal happiness, as their newfound wealth drives the two friends apart. Terry trades in his bachelor ways for a hilariously dysfunctional relationship, while Dean’s loneliness leads to more partying and ridiculously painful attempts at defrauding worker’s compensation. It is up to Terry to stop his best friend from spiraling out of control, as the two longtime pals come to find that there truly is nothing more valuable than friendship.

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