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Cast: Sophia Takal, Lawrence Michael Levine, Alia Shawkat , Annie Parisse, Jason Ritter, Kevin Corrigan

Barri and Noah, a newly engaged Brooklyn couple, are disheartened by the death of their elderly neighbor, Sylvia. Though Noah sees nothing unusual about the old woman’s death, Barri suspects foul play and sets out to investigate, enlisting her roommate Jean to join her on a reconnaissance mission to trail a possible suspect. Tensions mount, however, when the investigation uncovers unsettling secrets throughout the building including in their own apartment and suddenly everyone seems like a reasonable suspect. A freshly comedic take on classic film noir, WILD CANARIES brings a unique sensibility to a high-stakes murder mystery.

“Watching Takal, she’s got the sweetness of Audrey Hepburn and ferocity of Katharine Hepburn, which is perfect for a film that feels like a love letter to old screwball comedies.” Complex.com

“Wild Canaries transcends the cliches of New York hipster comedies… [the film] exists somewhere on the spectrum between Robert Altman’s “The Long
Goodbye” and Aaron Katz’s “Cold Weather.” Indiewire

“Wild Canaries Is the Screwball Indie Murder Mystery You Always Wanted.” Huffington Post